About Chicago Booth

Message from the Dean

Photo of Madhav Rajan

I’m delighted and extremely proud to serve as dean of Chicago Booth. The University of Chicago is one of the world’s great institutions of higher learning, and Booth is the preeminent academic school of business. To be entrusted with the deanship of this school is an amazing honor.

Chicago Booth is dedicated to educating tomorrow’s leaders in general management, using the foundations of discipline-based rigor and analysis. This is a school with amazing achievements and assets—the greatest being our extraordinary faculty, who produce path-breaking ideas with global impact. Our faculty are also excellent teachers, inspiring MBA students in our classrooms in Chicago, London, and Hong Kong. Our mission is to create knowledge with enduring impact, and to influence and educate current and future leaders.

We are fortunate to be part of a university with such a celebrated history and unique culture, which emphasizes rigorous inquiry and respect for the individual. Like the university, Chicago Booth views scientific research and intellectual debate as the backbone of everything it does. I believe that rigorous research and analysis are the foundation of good business practice and policy, and can and should serve as the basis for an effective MBA curriculum.

I also believe in the power of education. At Chicago Booth, our exceptional students become part of a collaborative community that is both challenging and supportive. The goal of our educational programs is not just to give students tools, but also to be truly transformative in changing the way they think about problem solving. Our flexible curriculum allows them to follow their interests and aspirations with minimal course requirements. As a business school, we aim to be nimble and adaptable to the changing world. We have the freedom to support faculty in newer fields such as data science and quantitative marketing, as well as in areas of traditional strength, such as economics and finance. We aspire to use our expertise in analysis and decision-making to make an impact in the real world, applying our skills to fields as diverse as health care, education, and energy.

We can no longer afford to consider business education independent of other disciplines. We must think of business in combination with fields such as computer science, and explore putting these together in innovative ways. I look forward to even closer collaboration with the broader university to maximize Chicago Booth’s impact—in the United States and abroad, with students and alumni, in academia and in industry.

I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to work with Chicago Booth’s outstanding faculty, staff, students, and alumni toward achieving preeminence in business education, research, and practice.

Madhav Rajan
Dean and George Pratt Shultz Professor of Accounting